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McMAP Collaborators

We are greatly indebted to the following people for their contributions to the McMAP project.

Development Team


McMaster University

M. Ackerman

J. Cherian

K. Hawley

R. Kerr (CCFP-EM)

A. R. Mallin

S. McClennan

P. Miller

I. Preyra

G. Rutledge (CCFP-EM)

K. Schiff

D. Sehdev (CCFP-EM)

S. Upadhye

D. Valani

M. Welsford

A. Pardhan (Pediatrics module)

A. Kam (Pediatrics module)

E. Hanel (CCFP-EM)

K. Pardhan (Pediatrics module)


Other Collaborators

S. Dong (U of Alberta)

K. Dong (U of Alberta)

R. Woods (U of Saskatchewan)

N. Lalani (U of Saskatchewan)



Local Reviewers

A. Pardhan

N. Delbel


External Reviewers

A. Kirkham  (U of Alberta)

C. Wallner (Oregon Health Sciences University)

T. Swoboda (Louisiana State University)

B. Judge (Michigan State University)

N. Sandhu (U. of Calgary - Pediatric EM)


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